Folder Recovery SoftwareRecover Folders

  • Advanced data recovery software to recover accidentally deleted folder
  • Restores folders deleted from Mac Trash or Windows Recycle Bin folder
  • Sophisticated tool to work on all popular versions of Windows and Mac OS
  • Highly powerful and 100% safe and secure folder recovery tool


Have you lost your important folders just because of a simple mistake? Don’t worry, Recover Folders software will help you out in such situation. This folder recovery software can recover deleted files and folders due to various scenarios like accidental deletion by using shift + deletes key combination, folders deleted from Recycle Bin folder, due to improper usage of third party tools, Antivirus scanning process, folders lost after defragmentation failure in the storage device, instant power surge, improper shut down etc.

This is award winning tool which can easily recover folders from external hard drive, memory cards, USB drives and hard drives of personal computers. This software can work smoothly on all popular versions of Windows OS hence you can easily perform windows 7 folder recovery on your computer along with Windows XP/ Vista and Windows 8. You can easily recover deleted folders due to format of hard disk. This software is very simple to use as it is provided with easy graphical user interface. Hence no user will face any difficulty while using this utility.

Causes for deletion of folders from computer:

  • Accidental deletion: Accidental deletion of folders may occur in many ways. You may delete important files or folders using Shift + Delete key combination by mistake instead of deleting any other folders. You might also end up in deleting some important folders from Recycle Bin while emptying it. Some files may get deleted while using cut and paste command from Command Prompt leading to folder loss in Windows.
  • Using third party software: There may be many third party applications which you have been using in your computer. These applications make use of both system related and application related files on your computer. Any kind of errors encountered in functioning of these tools might cause loss of folders from system.
  • Recycle Bin Bypass: If you’ve deleted some important folders by mistake using "Delete" key, then you can restore them from Recycle Bin using restore option. But sometimes deleted folders bypass the Recycle Bin due to reasons like deleted folders having size larger than the allotted free space available in the Recycle Bin
  • Some of the other reasons such as improper shut down of the computer or unexpected power failure may also make you lose some important files or folders

In all the above cases when you lose files or folders from your computer it is most advised that you should stop using that drive where you have lost the folders. This is because if you save any new files on the disk then the old deleted folders gets overwritten and recovery becomes impossible. So, once you find any data loss install Recover Folders software and carry out the recovery process.

This Recover Folders software has various advanced features over any other folder recovery tool available. It is an enhanced recovery tool that searches your complete hard drive to recover deleted folders from your computer. It is capable of recovering folders deleted due to any kind of scenarios and also recover My Documents folder easily. It can also recover folders deleted from computer hard drive, SD cards, pen drives, external hard drives. You can easily search for the required folder in the recovered file list as it provides option to view the recovered file in "File Type" and "Data Type" view. You can view the media files before saving them on your computer.

What is Next?

How to Recover Folders Deleted from Recycle Bin?

Steps to recover folders:

Step 1: Download and install Recover Folders software on your computer. After launching the software you will see the main screen as in figure 1.

Recover Folders - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the drive from where you want to recover the folder and click "Next".

Deleted Folder Recovery Software - Select Drive

Figure 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Recovered folders will be displayed in "File Type" view. Later you can save them on to your computer.

Folder Recovery Software - Recovered Data

Figure 3: Recovered Data